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So what most men do when they can't get access to a woman is jerking off. I have been looking for a friend of mine guardian who goes by the name Enoch. We don't know - no individual can speak for all of us. Então sei lá, vai de cada um, se está tão difícil pra vc auxiliar apenas se afaste e esqueça q existe esse tal de "evento" assim vc n contribui negativamente no consciente coletivo q ele nunca chega. It's more than they ever guessed, as shocking for them as it will be for us. Im leader within a certain group, and I have been searching for your avatar though it seems to not be 100% functional as I would say it's mission is heavily guarded by demons, If you like, I cannot give you any money now but I am an heiress to ancient currency, and I am more than happy to add your name to my husband's book of Akashic records. Acredite vai auxiliar muito os q estão trazendo ele o mais rápido possível. We sense that all that lies ahead. Бесконечные Сердечки для вас, Ваша смелость, решительность, бесстрашие и отвага. For this is the story of incarnation. When do I get a chance to get my PROPER gender body. And DON'T bring up the next life after this one. I been frustrated, sexually for nearly 30 years, and frustrated with my body's gender. One will rarely even glimpse that realm of they are still caught in these dual realms. The Islamic men told me they were sexually frustrated. Its been over 2 years in active war fighting for the alliance and this website as a station or information point. This was done out of Divine Love; we will be free and celebrate when the time comes, right alongside all the native Sovereign terrestrials. The ones they serve are not in charge. The time of this meditation is at 3:45 PM UTC every day. Send me and email so i can print out official documents explaining my situation and status and rank within and in correlation to your organization at 2020portal2035 gmail. So sex for men is like a physical urge to eat. If dark forces use these tools it will blow up at their faces trust me. Is a person trapped in a burning building shameful for calling out for help? Сердечно Благодарю и обнимаю всех. Also the Edge of Wonder channel. Some speak of Source or lesser "gods", but nearly all of these are layer upon layer of beings in the dual worlds. So, why not have a sense of wonder at these possibilities? You curse the names of Clinton, Bush, Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild and the Italian Dark Nobility families. Our ancestors had better knowledge and technology than do we. They were, and we are, prisoners and have been held back while the Controllers moved us around, told us tall tales to keep us busy and did as they pleased. Outside of those that are here in human form, there are insectoid beings, reptilian and pure energy beings "out there". In my opinion, his information is enough now. Communicating interesting dreams, interesting ideas, sitings of cloud-ships, interesting interviews, interesting articles. In simpler language, Anami, I am more than ready to GIVE UP my humanity to get what I need, not like my humanity ever benefited me in the past, nor will it in the future. Для освобождения планеты, Мира. The sciences of the Mk-ultra and monarchcontrolled slaves were developed by the dark occultists who had always used these techniques on their children. True Liberation, if it is to happen, will be the opportunity for all who are ready to more fully evolve as Human Beings. WHY SHOULD I need to wait and die to get what I want? Only then will I get to the stars. How am I supposed to understand sexual frustration and horniness if I've never been horny for another person before in my life. Only your diligent being and other diligent Ones will be there. Quanto mais gente pensando q n chega nunca mais difícil fica para aqueles q todo dia colaboram pra trazer esse momento tão esperado chamado de "evento". There are a lot of smart and sane people who read the comments but never contribute. Sink down in the warmth of musing, meditation or contemplation. I'll take intervention, Whatever. Tem gente q chegou só recentemente e outros q chegaram muito tempo antes, a questão é, vc está fazendo o seu "papel" para ajudar a acelerar o processo ou só reclamando q nunca chega? It is also important to note that much of this child abuse takes place in the private properties belonging to these families, especially those that are not accessible to public. It may seem unorthodox but they see themselves as the true heroes of the terrestrial odyssey You can imagine them as Luciferian fanatics who are convinced that the end justifies the means, that they are the chosen ones of their "Gods" and that they will be at the end of time rewarding the deity. You adopted the bits of flim-flam "knowledge" because it's all we were given through the prison bars, there in our prison squalor. All I can say is try to stay positive and be good to the people around you. But that's what sexually frustrated men feel like. What is a positive contribution here? Right now, there is a terrible struggle which you have not seen, from your place behind the prison bars. Some of "the news" is positive. We are all kept in the dark and fed poison-laden "food". I know you believe you are "woke", but there's much more to come. And most men just bear with it bc most men aren't rapists. And be aware that some around you came from far away, to share this process with you. But it will be challenging to let go the poison we have been fed, the divisiveness that kept us from knowing who we truly were. Чтобы все были счастливы и радостным. There is always blood upon a birthing. Be ready to leave behind these petty jailhouse squabbles and inflated sense of righteousness. I dont believe in the event anymore and im ok with that. Cobra is not the typical blablah, just sending decoded messages for the RM I prefer Cobras silence than the nonstop blablah of the 99% "alternative" media. Liberation is NOT about replacing one centralized power structure with another. Even while they are birthed in a human form, some of them are from elsewhere. Чтобы наконец по всему пространству всего Прекрасного Мира засветились яркие прекрасные цвета мир переливался ими, наполнился красивыми цветами. Ваш пример служения человечеству, Миру являет пример служения Великих Душ на благо Всех. They just talk talk talk, even now, the last part of the battle, the most critical, they just talk about nonsense and more nonsense, even things which dont matter at all. The past 40 years as a human, as a MAN, on Planet Alcatraz, have put me off EVER incarnating again, plus. Some of these non-Terrestrial souls are, indeed human or close. С огромным уважением и признательностью к ИСТОК, ко всем известным и много неизвестным освободителям, воинам Света, Ангелам, Архангелам, Учителям, позитивным Цивилизациям кто рядом с нами. Some may be humanoid or may have had feline ancestors, though still very close to human in their evolved form. Cobra merci pour tout vos info et faite savoir que nous somme épuiser mentalement. The entire Third Planet is, indeed, a Third World. The almighty is coming to dwell among us who are worthy and in the process his presence will force the beast below us, rendering us awakened in short time. Пусть ваша миссия окончится полной и скорейшей Победой! When you have seen the day in a family of powerful luciferians, that you owe your powers, your friends, your wealth and your social position are the gifts of entities who present themselves as gods will you really challenge all your education? No need to speak hours and hours. Bring Divine Love to the meeting of every being, and give peace a chance. Sherman, In the original post, about a month or 2 ago on this blog i was referencing a shocking bit of information that was posted. Even youtube videos that are uplifting are good. You share your thoughts here freely, my Brother. This also applies to mind control programming which takes place in military bases and other locations which may not be accessible by the public. The Pure, Positive realms begin with the Soul Plane, Sat Lok. It will begin on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 and finish on Friday, 17th January, 2020. More information to come soon about other very important stuffs. In the meantime others are encouraged to reach out to me through my blog starmapstasis. The hierarchy refers to the interdimensional and predatory entities of the earth "Saturn and the Fallen Angels " What must be understood is that the great majority of the members of the Moriah royalty or the Cabal had undergone infernal torture since their infancy, and suffer from mental discord. It is NOT about handing over our personal power as Human Beings to another small and controlling force. But they are subjugated, just as you are. And it's very frustrating if you can't satisfy it for a long time. Any of these could be gentle, loving, benign or could be neutral, coldly intelligent or even "diabolically" evil. Which is like eating only bread when seemingly everyone around you has delicious food to eat having actual sex. Allowed to roam freely with emotions at the reins, only despair will result. Also, I need to be augmented to live long like the aliens and without aging. The "Illumanti" who are not incarnated archons are greatly manipulated, they are convinced that the Archons are the gods of the ancient pantheons and that they themselves are minor deities. Don't be harsh with yourself, as this awakening continues. The Moriah are the so-called "iluminatis" composed of incarnated lineages, priests and archons, they are the dark physical portals of our world. But some just can't stand eating only bread for many years and finally snap. Humankind is winning this battle for years now, dark forces know that they have lost, and now the things are accelerating as Co Bra has predicted. Sorry, but 80-100 years, tops. So, these are not a transcendent vision. I've always heard the light forces talking about the cabal, but I've never actually seen the cabal themselves explain what motivates them, from their own point of view. There are a lot of smart and sane people here. These are the main keys which have make me opened this canal not on purpose, but I am happy of course. Or should he or she try to get out themselves. Hence ive been in active war working with the alliance for 2 years and still have not recieved any paper work or documents as to any official legitimacy in your organization. More locations may be added in future and a separate announcement will be made. You are told that modern man, homo sapiens, arose from animal level some 200,000 years ago and we are told that the planet is 4. Liberation is, in part, about restoring the Voice and Power of We the People. No individual knows the timing or, indeed, exactly from where our freedom will emerge. Please e-mailed me at nocturne. They we asked to be here, to be birthed into this wretched prison, this ragged squalor, to receive this poisonous "knowledge" from the Controllers here, alongside you, our Brothers and Sisters. But they don't know what they don't know. Всех Всех Вас очень люблю обнимаю. In addition, the Mafia center figure in Hawaii has been used to carry out the curse-downing techniques that have been handed down in Asia and Israel, where a number of Japanese mafia kidnap, slaughter, and eat meat. This is a high calling in service-to-others. I chose intervention also and I still do, this was specifically referring to physical extraterrestrial intervention by the way, not so much emotional mental spiritual. Anonymous Maybe there should be an explanation from the cabal side of things as to why they hate love and what kind of world they wish to exist in. The world needs positive forces and solutions. The lies may be peeled back like an onion. Pt 2 But that is not the full story. Planet-wide civilizations have been here many times and have been struck down, nearly wiped out many times. Liberation is the Key to our inherent right as Galactic Humans. The members of the Kabbalah simply surrender to the ordes of their superiors and are easily replaceable, most of them are not even in the dark side of spirituality they act by fears. Discipline of the emotions and thoughts will bring stability, which leads to insight intuition and Blessings. Still, in my opinion it's not an excuse to commit any crime. Не жалея себя и не думая о себе. Whether you are now ready for more, be aware that the time will come when you will find you were still dreaming. Из крохи и крохи состоит весь мир. And, given half a chance, the Archon who did this to me will, if I am denied feminization, long life span and star travel. You quote a holy book because it's the best you've found - we understand. Вселенной, что служила нам на протяжении многих эонов лет. It may be a nearly-divine Event, as energy from the galactic central sun pulses through this system and staggers all beings on this planet, a true ascension of consciousness. Please send official copies as well to my apartment. ONLY an ALIEN will I take, now. We are filthy, beaten, starving, dying prisoners in a Third World prison. There is no funding and it is impossible to rescue 98% from the past actions of Japanese law 504. My opinion just say the essential, and enough. Many of them are inherently possessed by fallen entities, mentally and emotionally controlled. Useful to me in a pretty volatile spiritual environment. The "science" of medicine is all based on knowledge gleaned from crude experiments conducted here within the prison planet, much by well-meaning, ragged prisoners whose work was bought, paid for and shepherded along by nefarious "trustees" in the prison. It takes great changes in the individual to be able to tune to those pure realms and states of consciousness. Each and everyone of us, in our own unique way, are the vehicles for establishing a New and Golden Age on Earth. We are boiling alive in every aspect of joy, the universe recycles itself. And you will find that pure Divine Love, warming you from deep within, is all you may keep and to which you may cling. Not one email not one paycheck not one piece of paperwork or printable documents to prove that I work for the alliance. The ancient lineage of teachers called Sant Mat. We the mob, have been given "bread and circuses" to keep us quiet. Rescuing 504 is extremely difficult. It's been made clear in past posts that cobra will only reply to a select few who were instructed to email the link provided. My way of thinking, this is not a judgment Here is an interesting perspective. For you give a little example the modern Catholic and Christian religion was based on a form of "luciferianism" and many Cabalist still believe in Armageddon. Enoch, what's the deal, can you tell me what sort of faction you're in? Ive been on this page since around 2013-14, and looking at it now I think all you get out of us anymore is comments of desperation and delusion. We all feel compassion for you, in the very human condition of despair in which you find yourself, my Brother. Do they wish to have a different set of physics take over this world from the portals they open? You guys have yet to sent me on piece of information saying that i work in your organization or have ever worked with you guys at all. Be ready to see more, to learn more. Sach Khand is where you will find perfect peace and Oneness, the beginning of the heavenly path which is trod while surrounded by The Divine. En ce moment je resent la même chose que toi depuis 2 jour il me semble qui y a eu un très gros problème alors qu'il y a moin d'une semaine je sentais la lumière plus forte il me semble qu'il y a eu une attaque massive de l'obscurité qui je pense nous a tosu affecté je ne sais plus si j'ai la force de continuer. Place your heart and your deep consciousness in a place of peace and loving anticipation. They are convinced that the "Devils ,gods ,fairies ,draco,archon-angels" loves them with true love, that they are the chosen people, perfect souls and that for this reason they are endowed with such privileges. Over the past 2 years all I've been wanting to do is sink into darkness. И подаёте пример, как это бывает и наблюдая это большое желание тянуться вверх,с желанием помочь Вам и сделать что то полезное не на местном уровне. Let me share one: Mind is a terrible thing to waste. I am more than willing to PURGE the human elements from my genetic make up. And the instructions which have been disclosed in the link above make canals opening more easy and existing ones more effective don't worry this has to be done, that's why They have contacted me. The anomaly is part of the purging function as a kind of sweep routine that attracts all STS oriented individuals to gather them together for purging. Our fables and "holy books" have cartoon depictions and admonishments about some of these. Go feed yourself - do what you can. What is your plan to get out of the hole which you have decided to dig! This blog has asked for donations from those selected wealthy individuals on several occasions. Also, lots of us still suffering, and this rotten planet can not give me what I need, Whatever. And Annunakis and Pleiadians are the same species. There is not a single terrestrial alive that was not born a prisoner. Google that phrase and examine the image, entitled "The Grand Scheme of All Creation". The blog post before these talked about the boiling point we are experiencing, yes - we are in a state of super critical mass - compression breakthrough. They read what gurus have said, see what wannabes like One Who Doesn't Know proclaim, read the paper, watch the television news, and have a good grasp of current events. Why bother fighting it anymore since the cards are stacked against us, where every step we take we get pushed 2 steps back? Celebrities, sports figures, moguls and all those who were blackmailed and raised up to serve as trustees. We were left with 2 choices, ascension not being one of them. If denied the FEW things I ask. This will be interesting, im going to see what I can do for them regarding the United Nations and ECOSOC, but, mainly to learn and understand more, i have some gifts for them as well. Yes, I prefer Cobra's silence. Which can be satisfied with masturbation. You could not have known this! Do what you can to keep body and soul together, to stay alive here with the other prisoners. Be forgiving of yourself and all those around you, living in a prison planet and sick of slavery, rags and hostile treatment. The benevolent powers within existing institutions that are amenable to a positive and lasting renewal of life on Earth, in the wake of Liberation, will be in the position to help facilitate the change. Also, the aliens can help me become the WOMAN I should have been born as. Someone needs to explain what Islam is because I've obviously been brainwashed, brainraped into believing Islam is the enemy. Everything is the almightys creation. Their role can serve the well being and safe keeping of all people, animals and nature. Хорошо тут сидеть и писать, давайте Событие. After the aforementioned period, you can still maintain the Buddhic Columns on any of these locations you feel guided. But all of this was still as a subject populace. All of us are ready to be free, to stand up, to breathe fresh air, to see a Paradise waiting for us. Для тех, кто отдаёт Энергию, Силы, Любовь, может быть и жизни. All religions, outside that Love, are worship of false gods. I dont want to talk bad about Corey, David W. So sex drive for most men is an urge. Hence why I have as on the idea of having human lovers in 2013. Some of those around us are from the stars. We know their parents and have seen them grow up. It may be from an RV; it may be from a high-level Gesara without an RV for the prisoners. Beast is not source but is the first god. And when we DO think we get someone who is on our side, they turn out to be just more puppets puppeting us. A sign of the eminence of the holy father. Give them a chance to see, here in the end, the bigger picture of how far the slavery extends. Зная, что вы Есть и что вам очень непросто. He may have several different beings receiving his energy, but they may not be fully aware as they have forgotten over the veil, or are a contact or carrier of Enoch's who can channel his spirit if he has not grounded to earth. Same as the previous Buddhic Column meditation campaign, this one is also time sensitive. Of course, if you don't want to be rudely wakened, you may wish to push away from reading at this point. Your parents never knew the full extent, so how could they teach you? Try your best to help other people and teach them how ways you have overcome suffering. Pt 1 Some folks writing posts think they are aware. Last night, a psychic attack attack on the power of light was conducted in Hokkaido. Japanese higher gods are angry. Contributions to improving our world. Son of The Ineffable name given to the Primodial God by Hermetism. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée à tous. None are the top of the power structure. They used sound to carve stone and lift these as building materials, fitting them without mortar and without gaps. The "holy book" you quote was made up, edited again and again, and the historical elements that scholars have attempted to substantiate were all fictitious.。


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