بنات يمن。 ارقام بنات اليمن 2020 تعارف بنات يمنية بنات يمنية جادة للتعارف والزواج

they would be a barrier from the Hellfire from him Meaning a protection from entering the Hellfire. And is beneficent to them and fears Allah concerning them Meaning in giving them their rights. and raises them with good mannerisms Meaning with the mannerisms of the Islamic Legislation, as well as educates them. This situation enters under the umbrella of the virtue of one who takes care of an orphan. All of this is included in the generality of this Hadeeth. In this Hadeeth is an emphasis of the rights of girls over boys due to their weakness in seeking a means of provision for themselves. and whoever takes care of three daughters, or three sisters and raises them with good manerisms, is merciful towards them until Allah grants them independence, Allah would obligate the entrance to Jannah for him. [Benefits related to the chain of narrotors and the Arabic language have been omitted. Meaning he will enter it with the foremost who enter it. The condition of beneficence is that it is in accordance to the Islamic legislation, not in what contradicts it. It appears that the reward mentioned is only attained if the person continues with this beneficence until the girls are no longer in need of him, due to marriage or otherwise. or three sisters Meaning his sisters and is beneficent towards them Meaning in addition to taking care of them, is good to them while living with them. Such that he does not remind them of his favors, nor does he display discomfort or signs of tiring towards them. When al Imam Ahmad, may Allah have mercy upon him, was told that he was blessed with a daughter he said: "Prophets had daughters! This is whether they are daughters or sisters. In this Hadeeth is an emphasis on the rights of girls over the rights of boys due to their weakness, in most cases, concerning the handling of their interests. A man said: 'O Messenger of Allah; or two? and is beneficent to them Al-Manawi stated: By enjoining ties with them and visiting them after they get married. except that Meaning the reward for doing this for them. Because just as he protected them in the life of this world from the lowliness of asking others, and preserved their reputations by preventing them from being in need of others who may lure them into fornication. In contrast to boys, due to their physical strength, commanding speech, and ability to handle the affairs of their interests in most cases. However, there is tremendous reward in being good to them, from Allah the Mighty and Majestic. by al-Muhaddith stated in at-Taqreeb: Whoever takes care of three girls Meaning takes responsibility for them and for their provision. As for daughters, they are not considered to be orphans. The scholars differed concerning the beneficence that is directed towards girls, is it restricted to what is obligated or does it surpass that, and the latter seems to be correct. Regarding sisters whose father has passed away, and their brother takes responsibility for them by supporting them and being good to them. He was asked: And two daughters, O Messenger of Allah? As long as he is the one who is responsible for them, is beneficent towards them, raises them until they reach the age of marriage and gets them married, his reward with Allah the Mighty is Jannah! ] Whoever has three daughters or three sisters Or here is for variety, not for doubt, likewise is the case for two daughters and two sisters. spends his wealth on them, gets them married and properly raises In the Hadeeth of Jabir that was collected by Ahmad as well as in al-Adab al-Mufrad; teaches them good behaviour, is merciful towards them and assumes responsibility over them. Prophets, may the Salat and Salam be upon them, had daughters! At Tabarani added; and gets them married. He would be rewarded a great reward for this. and feeds, gives them to drink and clothes them. states in after mentioning all these narations; These wordings are combined in the meaning of the word 'Ihsaan - beneficence' They would be a barrier from the hell fire for him Meaning his reward for this would be protection from the Hellfire, a barrier between him and it. ] No one from my Ummah who takes care of three girls Meaning takes responsibility for all their needs, including feeding and clothing them.。